Updates to pricing structure

Dear Climbers


2020….. What a year. Looking back at January we never thought we would be closed for nearly half the year. Covid-19 has tested all our resilience to change, but also given us a greater appreciation for how important climbing is to all of us. Not being able to provide you with the centres, service and escape from the daily grind has been heartbreaking. Your support throughout this year has been incredible, from those who donated their membership to those who switched centres/climbing times to free up space in reduced capacities. To everyone who adapted their climbing experience to keep it as safe as possible, we are truly grateful. We expect the current measures to continue into 2021 but we are hopeful for a return to normality at some point. There have been some benefits, with reduced capacities there is more space and less need to queue between attempts. For most, the social aspect of bouldering is as important as the physical, but it has given us a chance to pause and consider a balance between our previous operating capacities and our current ones when normality returns. We have also seen an increase in climbers at HarroWall and CroyWall, this is in part due to the local communities growing but also VauxWall climbers working from home or looking to avoid the faff of booking. We love it when you get to enjoy the full diversity of our London centres and hope you keep this up into 2021.


Despite the financial challenges, we maintained the entire LCC team and topped up furlough during closed periods to ensure we all got through this together. We also opened our 6th London Centre CanaryWall, our smallest centre but also unique in its balance of indoor/outdoor experience. Thanks for all the fantastic reviews and feedback, we are very excited to be extending CanaryWall with the addition of a 5th Arch early in 2021, this will be a dedicated training arch filled with boards to create fingers of steel.


VauxWall has been the most hindered by Covid. The significantly reduced capacities and necessity of a booking system will have caused frustration, but we are grateful to have been able to find a way to operate safely through these difficult times. Thank you for your understanding and support. There are some exciting developments on the way for 2021 at VauxWall. VauxWall East will have an air conditioning and heating system added to the main climbing floor which will moderate those greenhouse summer days and Baltic winter sessions. VauxWall West will extend for the second time, adding 2 more full size arches. One of which will become a gym area including training boards and full weight rack, the other will become an additional area of bouldering. Once complete we will make some adjustments to the existing centre to ensure the facility is as functional for you as possible. This tots up to a reinvestment of around £250,000 into VauxWall within 2021.


RavensWall has grown in popularity as folk discover its ample facilities, we missed the 1st birthday of this gorgeous centre but are glad to be back open and welcoming west London to LCC. Due to its larger size it has also been able to operate without the need for a booking system, we continue to monitor this.


2021 will see the addition of our seventh centre: mirroring the convenience of RavensWall in the West, BethWall Green will open in Spring 2020 within 5 railway arches 50 metres from Bethnal Green Underground station. Complimenting CanaryWall to the south and Mile End to the East, BethWall Green will make a great commuter bouldering gym to meet the growing demand for our fantastic sport.


We occasionally get asked about reduced price individual site memberships, we have considered this but our offering is already complex, we want you to take advantage of all our centres to give you the most rounded climbing experience possible. We take great care to select alternative hold brands for each colour circuit across our centres so you get a different style. We also introduced the Kaya Climbing App this year which notifies you of the latest sets across the LCC Centres.


One of our goals it to offer long opening times in convenient locations to maximize the opportunities to climb within the bustle of London life. Through our extensive off-peak times, we encourage you to climb at our quieter times at lower cost. We are making some significant tweaks to when our off-peak times are as they don’t currently reflect the quieter times within the centres. This will include increased off peak times at CroyWall and more focus on off peak time at Weekend evenings instead of Weekend mornings. Please review the new times below that come into effect 1st January. We hope that this won’t involve many members needing to switch from off-peak to anytime membership but if you would like to do this then please let us know by the end of December by emailing [email protected]. For pay as you go climbers, we highly recommend our punch cards to discount your peak time sessions.


The £1 booking fee for Members and Punch card holders has increased your price per session but we felt it necessary to ensure turning up to booked sessions was incentivized at VauxWall and CanaryWall. For January 2021 we will trial removing the booking fee, but we implore our members and punch card holders to cancel bookings you are unable to attend. This is crucial to make the space available for others. We will have to bring back the booking fee if there are many no shows blocking others from enjoying the centres.

With the tweak to opening times we will also tweak the membership perks to make them a little simpler. Prepaid and recurring members receive:

  • 1 free hot drink per day at any off-peak time.
  • 10% off retail items in our onsite shops
  • 2 guest passes per month (new customers only)
  • Unlimited towel hire (this perk will return once we deem it Covid safe)

In addition to the financial hit of covid closures, the overheads of running premium centres in convenient locations continue to increase. We remain 100% committed to delivering premium climbing gyms and we reinvest every penny we make to achieve this. We believe is achieved through exceptional customer service, long opening hours and cleanliness, innovation and a high turnover of boulder problems with quality holds, volumes and setters. As well as an array of fresh shapes, we have also added an additional V8+ circuit at each site this year. Our events program has been on hold, but we will get back to this as soon as it is safe. We have managed to keep a minimal coaching and free improver offering running. We believe strongly that our customers also want all of the above and we are committed to continue to invest in all our centres to create the best experience for any climber visiting them. In order to continue this high standard and continue to develop our centres, there will be a small price increase effective from 1st January 2021.


You can take advantage of the current prices to top up your punch cards before the price increase in the New Year. As the membership increase is small, we are not offering a top up service like we did in December 2019.

Thank you for your continued support in making our centres welcoming hubs of climbing joy in London! We wish you all a fantastic holiday season and don’t forget we will be there to welcome you throughout, even on Christmas day. Our festive opening times are now live.

Tom & The LCC Team


Prices effective from 1st January 2021


Casual Entry (PAYG) All LCC London Sites
Type Cost
Adult Peak £13.90
Adult Off-Peak £9.50
Concession Peak £11.90
Concession Off-Peak £8.50
Junior Age 4 – 10 Peak £8.00
Junior Age 4 – 10 Off Peak £5.50
Junior Age 3 and under £2.00


Monthly Recurring Membership
Type Cost
Adult Off Peak £48 (monthly)
Adult Anytime £68 (monthly)
Concession Anytime £58 (monthly)
Family (adult + up to 2 children)  (under 18) £93 (monthly)
Additional Family Member £36 (monthly)


Punch Cards
Type Cost Price per session Saving over peak cost % Saving
5 Punch Card  £60.00 £12.00 £1.90 14%
10 Punch Adult  £113.00 £11.30 £2.60 19%
20 Punch Card  £209.00 £10.45 £3.45 25%
10 Punch Junior (age 4-10) £65.00 £6.50 £1.50 19%
10 Punch Concession  £95.00 £9.50 £2.40 20%


Prepaid Memberships
Type Cost
Off Peak 1 month £58
Anytime 1 month £78
Concession 1 month £68


Shoe Hire
Type Cost
Single Shoe Hire £3.80
5 Shoe Hire Pass £15
10 Shoe Hire Pass £28


Concession– Juniors 11-17, unemployed, senior citizens (over 65’s) and students in full time education. Proof of eligibility must be shown


Summary of updated opening times and tariffs at our 7 London sites


VauxWall West Climbing Centre (SW8 1SR)

Open Weekdays – 6am -11pm

Open Weekends – 6am -11pm

Off Peak Weekdays 6am-4pm & 9pm-11pm

Off Peak Weekends 6am- 9am & 5pm-11pm


VauxWall East Climbing Centre (SE11 6BD)

Open Weekdays –9am -10pm

Open Weekends – 9am -7pm

Off Peak Weekdays 9am-4pm

Off Peak Weekends 5pm-7pm


HarroWall Climbing Centre (HA1 4HX)  

Open Weekdays – 10am -11pm

Open Weekends – 9am -10pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 10am-4pm & 9pm-11pm

Off Peak Weekends – 9am -10am & 5pm-10pm


RavensWall Climbing Centre (W6 0UQ)

Open Weekdays – 6am-10.30pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 8.00pm-10.30pm

Off Peak Weekends –5pm-9pm


CroyWall Climbing Centre (CR0 4WN)

Open Weekdays – 6am-10pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 8pm-10.00pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am & 5pm-9pm


CanaryWall Climbing Centre (E14 8AA)

Open Weekdays – 6am-11.00pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 9pm-11.00pm

Off Peak Weekends 5pm-9pm


BethWall Green Climbing Centre (E2 9QX) opening Spring 2021

Open Weekdays – 6am-11.00pm

Open Weekends – 8am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 9pm-11.00pm

Off Peak Weekends – 8am-10am & 5pm-9pm